Sunday, May 30, 2010

Afternoon Sunlight on Blue Towel and Glass Tabletop

I have not posted anything new here for awhile, and although I have received no complaints, I feel that tonight's the night. I recently spent several hours photographing in a backyard near Ventura, Ca. that was full of picturesque junk, antiques, and objects of art. But let's face it- it's light that excites us most when making photographs.


  1. Glad you've updated. I like the way the blue interacts with the silver and gray. It's interesting how photography can render junk/clutter beautiful, when the same objects can elicit (for me) a very different emotional reaction when I experiance them in person.

  2. Well, one difference is that usually photos don't smell funny...

    Thanks for the comment Dorian. There's got to be a better way for me to navigate these blogs- I didn't realize I had a comment here for a week after you posted.